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Staging And Canopy Roofing Systems
Prior, OK Fun Fest
Small National Acts
Stages are steel frame with wood deck construction, in 4' x 4' sections. This modular system allows
construction for indoor or outdoor stages of just about any size you need.

Canopy roof systems come in various sizes with 32' x 22', 45' x 32', or 55' x 45' the most common. The
canopy roof systems can be erected up to 35' above ground level.

Some roofs are economical sun shades while others are full load bearing and chain motor driven.
Canopy roof systems are engineered to withstand 50 mph winds and we maintain stringent safety
requirements. We have erected upwards of 1500 stages and canopy roof systems without a single
Large National Acts
Local or Small National
Large National Acts
Medium - Large National
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