Allan Todd
Owner, General Manager
Hello, and thanks for visiting my website. OKC Backup is a full service production company that
specializes in Customer Service and quality equipment. This commitment is paramount in our mission to
become the finest production company anywhere. We are all dedicated to this cause.

all production companies are made up of only two things,--- equipment and people ---. For the most part,
equipment is the same with all companies. It is the people that make the difference. And, OKC BACKUP
has the finest trained and professional people in the world ------------ You will very happy with our staff.

In the last 17 years, I have successfully produced over 5,000 concerts featuring national acts, touring
productions, corporate conventions, festivals, and miscellaneous events. I understand our customers'
desires and requirements are the most important factor. We know you have a choice to hire whatever
company you wish --- and we appreciate and will dedicate ourselves to you.

Should you have any questions or comments about our operation, or would like more information about
our services, please don't hesitate to contact me directly. I am a working owner and you will find me on
sight at most productions. The buck stops here!

My personal cell phone is 405.740.4476 and is available 24/7. My email address is I
look forward to any comments or questions.

Warmest regards,

Meet the Staff of OKC BACKUP
Joey Baker,  our Production Manager, comes to OKC BACKUP with 25 years of experience in concert and festival
production. Not only an outstanding audio engineer, Joey is instrumental in all phases of production management.
His engineering skills landed him tours with national artists and he is quickly gaining a reputation for the quality of
work he is producing in his recording studio. Joey also serves as Texas Branch Manager for OKC BACKUP.
Allan Todd, the Owner of OKC BACKUP, has over 2500 concert and festival productions under his belt, but like most
owners, he can get taken away from his office with "sudden emergencies". Allan is often seen on location at our events,
but he also manages to find time to scout out the local fly-fishing streams. Oh well...tough job, but someone has to do it!
David Baldwin. You can’t say enough about this man! He has worked with OKC BACKUP for 17 years and
knows just about everything there is to know about this business. A Vietnam Veteran, David is also a
veteran of thousands of concerts and other productions. He is in charge of our load bearing roof, small
roofs, stages, and many times helps in the lighting department. David is what you might call the glue that
holds everything together. He is a  valuable person and a great asset to OKC BACKUP. He can do almost
anything so his nickname is “MacGyver”.
Randy Freeman is the newest member of our staff. He is training as lighting designer and is coming on
like gangbusters. He is most enthusiastic about his job, and we expect great things from Randy.
Bob English. A youngster to our staff, Bob is a great monitor guy. Also veterans of hundreds of shows,
Bob has been with OKC BACKUP for about one year and shows promise as one of the finest audio
engineers around.  You might see Tazon his 2 year old son “pushing faders” as this trait seems to run
in the family. I wonder how long before son Tazon starts sporting a Mohawk haircut ?
Mike Freeman is a veteran of hundreds of shows and has been working with OKC BACKUP for 7 years
as an audio contractor. Last year Mike assumed the position of “Chief Engineer, and Head of Audio
Services”. Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire, huh Mike? When Mike is not mixing or getting
audio things ready for our various shows, he spends his time tweaking our new Line Array systems.
Many times in addition to head audio duties, Mike serves as Production Manager for many events.

Mike and his wife Janice, and Great Dane, Sophie,  love their hot tub and Mike is a what one may call a
master carpenter as he spends his hobby time building his decks, pergolas, and just fixings things up.
Rick Benson has worked with OKC BACKUP for 15 years. That in itself is a feat, but Rick somehow manages to take care of
most all logistics and operations for us. As operations manager, Rick is responsible for just about everything from vehicle
management, to making sure all gear and staff gets to the right place at the right time. And, may I add, Rick does a great job
of it. You may often see him working as a light tech as he does this job well too.

Rick and wife Diane live in Oklahoma City, where he enjoys drag racing, and his lake property.

Oklahoma City, OK
(405)773-0713 (fax)

The Southwest's Premier Full Service Production Company

Contact us at 405.740.4476 or E-mail: with any questions.